Virus tracking in living NMuMG epithelial cells expressing GFP-fused caveolin-1. (a) Caveolar endocytosis, fission and fusion events, and internal vesicle membrane dynamics are shown not to be affected in a stable cell line. (b) Detail of an infected cell (in a surface confocal section) with a virion bypassing a caveolin-rich domain. (c) In-depth confocal section with a virion(s) captured in a caveolin-rich vesicle at the nuclear periphery. (d and e) Uptake of virions through caveolin membrane domains at the cell surface. Mouse NMuMG epithelial cells expressing GFP-tagged caveolin-1 were infected with Alexa 594-prestained virus (MOI of 10e3 virus particles per cell) and scanned in an open, mediumcontaining chamber with a deltaT of 6 s. Bars, 5 um (a to c) and 2 um (d and e). Liebl et al., 2006.


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